Make it personal

When talking to others about your new way of eating, describe your own reasons for reducing or cutting out meat, in favour of plant-based foods. Be enthusiastic and sincere. Focus on why it excites you and makes you feel good, not on trying to ‘convert’ people or make them feel bad.

But don’t take it personal

For some people, the idea of not eating meat can be new and even challenging. The occasional person may find the easiest way to handle this is to joke about it or get defensive. While it’s not the response we’d hope for, it’s often a sign that your thoughtful choice is challenging them to reflect (possibly for the first time) on their own choices, and sometimes it can take people a little time to process this. So don’t take it personally and try not to get defensive.

Don’t forget...

Practise Patience

Nobody wants to feel judged. If they want to learn more, they’ll ask. So there’s no need to push the issue. Simply by being a kind and understanding person, you’ll open hearts and inspire those around you to make kinder choices over time.

Make it easy

Make your choice to eat meat-free as easy as possible on the chef in the house. Offer to help with the cooking – there’s a wealth of simple, delicious plant-based recipes for you to try. Some family favourites can easily be made veg-friendly by substituting in veggie burgers, dairy-free cheese, meat-free ‘chicken’ and so on. You might also like to keep satisfying snacks around the house for when you need something quick, such as crackers and hummus, toast with avocado and mixed nuts.


If your friends or family have questions or concerns about your new way of eating, listen to what they have to say and try not to get defensive. Thank them for their interest or concern and share what you’ve learned about the benefits of plant-based eating, making it relevant to what they’ve said. You can find some great information and resources in the other sections of this website.

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Always remember your choice to eat plant-based is creating a kinder, more sustainable world. That’s something you should feel great about!