Supermarkets have a great range of plant-based ‘meats’ to try – like these Tofurky deli slices.

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Sprinkle with dairy-free cheese and all your favourite veg pizza toppings.

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Fry up balls made with firm tofu, onion, basil and breadcrumbs or try our lentil almond ‘meat’ balls recipe.

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Look for plant-based mince in the meat section of your supermarket as another way of making delicious 'meat' balls!

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Stir Fry

Marinate tofu in soy, black bean or sweet chilli sauce for added flavour.

Fry up with your favourite veg and serve with noodles or rice.

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Throw in some black beans or red kidney beans for your protein fix.

Add vegan cheese for a melty, savoury kick.

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Try the Beyond Burger patty, a Fry’s ‘chicken’ burger or even a whole roasted mushroom on your burger.

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Add some tasty dairy-free slices from the vegan section in your supermarket.

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Serve your burger with wedges or fries and your favourite sauces.